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Nestled in the scenic rolling hills of Northern California with beautiful oak trees and lush pastures that have traditional white fencing to add the finishing touch, Becker Stables paints a picture of equine paradise.

Concentrating on Arabian and Half-Arabians, Becker Stables specializes in all major divisions with an emphasis on the Westem, Hunter, English and Show Hack disciplines. With all the amenities it takes to raise and train top notch show horses, Becker Stables also maintains a healthy enviroment and provides the ultimate in care and training, tailored to each individual horse's needs.

Successful training methods based on being methodical and consistent have established the Becker Stables team as a leader in an industry of greats, and, as a result, has transformed their farm into a home to numerous National Champion horses. Brett and Marjie have accumulated countless National championships through their hard work and honest approach.

Creating a legacy that has made history, their amateur program boasts some of the best riders today. It's the hands on, one-on-one time that makes each lesson valuable and therefor helps gear the rider towards the show ring. Taking pride in the work and the horses themselves is what sets Becker Stables apart.

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